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Yoga for Universal Peace and the UN Culture of Peace presents an emphasis on philosophical and psychological influences of yoga, as well as the impact yoga has on spiritual, mental and physical overall balance and wellbeing. Benefits of yoga on universal harmony and peace in the world are explored during the discussions, along with scientific research proving the advantages of practicing yoga for healthier communities and individuals. Assessments of Eastern spiritual traditions in conjunction with Western modalities of yoga practices are topics of discussion for the conference as well.

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about yogmata


A remarkably inspirational person in her own rights, Yogamata Keiko Aikawa is the first female and non-Indian Siddha Master, and only one of two Siddha Masters to appear in public to this day. A Siddha Master is a Himalayan saint who has achieved supreme Samadhi, a state of human consciousness that transcends physical and mental to achieve oneness with the source of all creations. This ascetic practice is the most difficult of all, due to possibility of fatality.

Her foray into yoga and healthy living began in her teens as she developed an avid interest in meditation, natural remedies, health management and yoga. These interests led her visits to Tibet, China, and India in her ardent pursuit of learning yoga and eastern medicines. She expanded her knowledge into teaching and founded Keiko Aikawa Yoga and General Health Institute, effectively designing the Aikawa Yoga technique in the 70s, including Yoga Dance and Prandi Yoga.

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